Getting to know… Leonard Robbins Jr

In this week’s profile we delve deeper  into the man who puts an enormity of work into Spotswood’s Junior Cricketing Program, Leonard Robbins Jnr. Lenny is the son of  Spotty legend and current practice wicket curator, Leonard Robbins Snr.

Lenny Jnr has again taken on the role of Junior Administrator and Head of Junior Cricket Operations. A role that requires a mountain of commitment and patience, two traits that Lenny has in abundance. Lenny puts in countless hours into ensuring that the Junior Program stays up and running and is taking initiative to better the Junior Program for future years.

A successful Junior Program is the base of the Spotswood Cricket Club pyramid, without a solid base the rest of the pyramid wobbles. That’s why the work and time Lenny Jnr gives cannot be understated and is truly appreciated by the entire club!!

Nickname(s): Lenny, Rocket (arm)

What do you see your role at the Club to be?  Spotswood is small local area with a new generation of families moving into the suburb.  My role is to bring through the next generation of players (and hopefully encourage some of the parents to play as well).

Why did you choose your particular role at the Club?  I’ve had some involvement with the junior section since I was 19 (coaching).  We need more locals involved and thinking ‘this is their club’.  I believe we can do this through running a successful junior program.

If you could have dinner with any 3 guests (dead or alive) who would they be Nelson Mandela, John Monash and John Curtin.  Three very impressive and articulate people.

Best Coach? And Why?  Michael McCarthy. Supported my combined role as player and junior coach.

Best Teammate you’ve played with? And Why?  Very hard question since I’ve played with quite a few guys over the years. Jeff Peel and Chris Beckett were the most fun.

Win the toss and?   Bat, of course

Favourite Cricketer to Watch?  Mark Waugh when on song.

AFL Club supported?   North. But prefer hockey.

T20 showdown this Tuesday

Our final T20 round robin clash with Deer Park tomorrow is do or die – we’re both on two wins for our group, and only one of us can go through to finals. As if that isn’t enough entertainment for you, we’ve got all sorts happening to make it an even more exciting night!

Joining us for the night from Essendon CC, we warmly welcome English cricketer Oliver Soames as our guest player. Oli has recently signed a multi-year contract with Hampshire, having made his first-class debut with them in the back half of the 2018 County Championship season. Oli is a top order right-hand batsman, and we’re looking forward to seeing him in action wearing the green and gold. Welcome aboard, Oli!

We’re also very excited to be offering special wine tastings on the night, with local business Hudsons Road Wine & Beer getting on board to help extend our range. They’ll bring a sparkling, white, pink and red wine for you to try, which you can then buy by the glass. Food will be available to buy on the night too, courtesy of Simo and our kitchen crew.

And last, but by no means least, we want to make it a special night for our juniors, so we’re encouraging every Spotty family to come on down. All junior players (including our Junior and Master Blasters) get free pizza – make sure you wear your playing top so we can see you’re a player. And be there at 5 for the chance to form a guard of honour as the players head out onto the ground.

Come and cheer your team into the finals, and invite your friends and family to join you. The more the merrier!

Social Sixes at Spotty!

We’re excited to be hosting Social Sixes at the club from Thursday 29 November! This is run by Cricket Victoria, and at just $10 per session, with no need to commit to the full four weeks, it’s the perfect taster of cricket. Final session will be Thursday 20 December.

Make sure you book though! We need a minimum number for the session to go ahead.

From the Social Sixes website

“Social Sixes is an exciting NEW cricket program specifically designed for women! It’s perfect if you are looking for a fun, fast and social mid-week activity!

The session focuses on activities that are designed to get your heart pumping as well as teach you the skills required to play cricket. There’s no need to worry about equipment, we’ve got that sorted. All you need to do is rock up and be ready to get involved.

So, if you’re looking for a fresh new way to keep active, grab some friends and give Social Sixes a try!”

Come along and have a go!


Getting to know…Craig Butterfield

Craig Butterfield is a long time player and club favourite of the Spotswood Cricket Club who will be captaining the 2nd XI this season. Craig played all his junior cricket at Spotty starting in 2002/03.  After cracking the 1st XI, Craig decided to take his cricket a step further and join Premier side  Melbourne Unversity Cricket Club at the start of the 2012/13 Season. Unfortunately, for Craig he had an unlucky run with injury and subsequently returned to Spotty in 2014/15.46012979_325502018236286_8495447269993086976_n



Greatest Cricketing Moment You’ve Witnessed?

Punter’s 2003 world cup final innings where he made 140*. I have watched the replays countless times since then and watching how cleanly he hit the ball especially in the last 10 was amazing.

 Win the toss and?


Your Most Treasured Sporting Moment? (In which you’ve been involved).

2nd XI premiership back in 07/08 in my 2nd year of senior cricket.

If you could have dinner with any 3 guests (dead or alive) who would they be?

Scorsese, Bart Cummings and Dane Swan for kick ons.

What do you see your role at the Club to be?

Developing and preparing players to be 1st XI cricketers. It’s a big step up from 2’s to 1’s but I believe anyone playing in the 2’s should be looking to play 1’s. I want to help these players understand what is required for them and support them as they make the transition from 2nd XI cricketer to 1st XI.

Best Coach? And Why?

Dan (The Don) Schuppan, he keeps things simple and has a good understanding of the game and wants to see every player at the club improve. More importantly though he gave the thumbs up for me to captain the 2’s.

 Favourite Thing about Spotty?

The people, environment, facilities, culture I couldn’t just pick one thing.

 What are you looking forward to the most this season?

Captaining the 2nd XI for the season, I’m really confident we are going to have a successful year.

AFL Club Supported?

Sydney Swans




Strength in Numbers – changing the face of Spotswood CC

It was near the end of training one Thursday: a gathering around the coach. Serious cricket talk, by the look of it. But the First XI captain was noticeably absent from the circle. Instead, he was pulling on red and white striped footy socks, and digging out a whistle.

What on earth was going on?

This was the launch of The Woodsman Cup, an international rules competition that will pit our new Strength in Numbers Groups against each other for the glory of taking out the coveted inaugural title.

And what is Strength in Numbers all about? (SIN Groups for short) It’s a new initiative where groups of senior players, across all playing levels, are assigned to one of five groups named after influential club figures: Reed, Brown, Robbins, Jennings and Wheeler. (read on for more about each of them below.)

Across the seasons, the groups are rostered to take responsibility for a set number of pub raffles, joker draw raffles, and other tasks such as helping out in the kitchen or with taking out bins. Each group is led by co-captains who make sure the group meets all their responsibilities and that everyone does their bit.

“We did it at Richmond, so I suggested it to Cranny,’ said Allan ‘Wiz’ Wise, our First XI Captain. “It’s about taking ownership of the club and various tasks that get left to so few. And have some fun and competition along the way, like the international rules comp.”

Umpire Wiz spells out the rules of The Woodsman Cup.

Umpire Wiz spells out the rules of The Woodsman Cup.

Mark ‘Cranny’ Cranwell took the idea and ran with it. He’s done much of the work behind the scenes, and so far it’s looking like setting us up for a great season.

The SIN Group names themselves are a way of recognising the valuable contributions of some influential characters in our club history, three of whom are still very active around the club.

Reed – Joe Reed
Joe was instrumental in developing the club’s early years and lobbied council for land for the Spotswood Recreation Reserve (now Donald McLean Reserve) in the late 1920s. For more: see pages 1 to 33 in Roy’s book, A History of The Spotswood Cricket Club 1891-2013.

Brown – Brian Brown
Brian piloted the return of Spotswood cricket after World War II. He was the First XI Captain 1946-50, named in the Team of the Century, and made a Life Member in 1973/74. For more: see pages 49 & 150 of Roy’s book, A History of The Spotswood Cricket Club 1891-2013.

Robbins – Len Robbins Snr
Our tireless curator, Len’s work on the centre wicket table and practice wickets over the years has enabled Spotswood CC to be recognised as one of the best suburban grounds in Melbourne. Len was made a Life Member in 1979/80. For more: see page 81 of Roy’s book, A History of The Spotswood Cricket Club 1891-2013.

Jennings – Gordon Jennings
Gordon – known to most as Panther – is a Club stalwart, having played over 400 games, was Premiership Captain and longtime Committee member. He was made a Life Member in 1997/98. For more: see page 100 of Roy’s book, A History of The Spotswood Cricket Club 1891-2013.

Wheeler – John Wheeler
Former President and longtime Committee member, John (aka Wheels) played over 400 games and is a Premiership Captain. John was made a Life Member in 1991/92. His family has a long history with club, and his wife Kerryn played in the Women’s XI, served on the committee and was also made Life Member in 2011/12. For more: see pages 160-162 of Roy’s book, A History of The Spotswood Cricket Club 1891-2013.

As for The Woodsman Cup – with two rounds down in the round robin comp, Reed and Wheeler have come away with big wins so far. But there’s a long way to go, and it’s sure to be a hot competition!