Who’s Who

Key people around the club for season 2021/22 are listed below, with more names and roles to be added as our full team is finalised.
To get in touch with anyone, please use our contact form.

Committee 2021/22

President John Wheeler president@spotswoodcc.com.au


Vice President Jason Dunham  vicepresident@spotswoodcc.com.au
Treasurer Jack Fitzharris  treasurer@spotswoodcc.com.au
Secretary Leonard Robbins  secretary@spotswoodcc.com.au
Asst Secretary Simon O’Brien     Asst Secretary
Sponsorships Haydn Fletcher  sponsorship@spotswoodcc.com.au
 Food & Bev Gordon Jennings
 Apparel Nick Bartol  apparel@spotswoodcc.com.au
 Patron Roy Picone
 Social Media Amanda Beckett  socialmedia@spotswoodcc.com.au
COVID Safety Sarah Grouios COVIDsafety@spotswoodcc.com.au
Child Safety Bec KennedyKaren Anderson childsafety@spotswoodcc.com.au
Events  Craig Butterfield
Events  Sharon Schawrz

Cricket Operations

Seniors Coordinator Jason Dunham  vicepresident@spotswoodcc.com.au
Seniors Coach Dan Schuppan  headcoach@spotswoodcc.com.au
VSDCA Delegate 1 Ray Butterfield  VSDCA Rep
VSDCA Delegate 2 Len Robbins secretary@spotswoodcc.com.au
Juniors Coordinator Stuart Redpath juniors@spotswoodcc.com.au
WRJCA Rep Stuart Redpath  juniors@spotswoodcc.com.au